Portal I.UA - is the largest traffic site in Ukrnet in the category of "portals". It has over 30 useful services, the main of which is Mail. A short, easy-to-remember address, as well as a simple and convenient interface, have become an indispensable tool in the lives of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian users. In just a week, more than a million letters are sent from I.UA. Not inferior in popularity to the portal is its "News" service. The feed on the home page collects information from hundreds of news sources. Data is updated every 5 minutes and aggregated into stories. Thus, portal users receive only the latest and latest news.
monthly unique users
7,1 mln
monthly page views
119 mln
TV program, horoscopes, weather forecasts, movie showtimes and a dozen more services will satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated Ukrainian Internet user. And in confirmation of this - the constantly growing audience of the portal:
subscribers of FB community
7,4 K
* Google Analytics data, May 2019
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