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Test "Look how bubbles melt"

The project consists of the landing (general information) + test "Yakii іdіdelalny zimoviy vechir" (test without a draw)

12 597 - page views
11 451 - unique views
11 451 - passed the test

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Żubrówka "Who's the double"
29.10.18 - 25.12.18
People try to repeat good things. Therefore, the stars have followers, branded items - Chinese copies, famous paintings - fake ones, and Polish vodka Żubrówka - twins. the main thing is to be able to distinguish fakes from the original.

We invited users to take a test and find out how well they understand the originals and fakes.

118 000 - unique users
118 000 - page views
418 - registrations

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Kyivstar ""New Year without Borders!"
We introduced users to 8 exotic Santa Clauses from different European countries. They shared traditions of celebrating the New Year in their countries and invited to visit them.
In addition to fascinating stories, we've invited users to go through an interesting test and find out "What kind of Santa Claus I am."

80 000 - unique users
5 000 - participants

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Jagermeister "Fan Degree"
14.06.18 - 14.07.18
Football fans is a great force. They are able to simultaneously overwhelm their team and demoralize an opponent. They are loved, scolded, respected and feared. But everyone understand that without them there would be no game.
We've invited users to take the test, and find out what type of football fans they are. At the end of the competition, we've played gifts among all participants

26 000 - unique users
41 000 - page views
486 - participants

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05.06.18 - 30.09.18
On the pages of the project, useful information about the festival and its participants was presented for visitors, several travel budget options (economy, premium, etc.), lifehacks - how to save money at the festival, what interesting to see, etc. Three overview videos about the most significant festivals of Ukraine were prepared for the project. The test "Where to go" was also presented to the audience (the visitor defined his own type of festival person, as a result, options for festivals were offered for him) and prizes were raffled off among its participants.

90 000 - unique users
149 000 - page views
4500 - test participans

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03.04.19 - 26.05.19
Competition with video in Instagram among football players - amateurs. No frames for the video - the participants filmed anything: a spectacular trick, a dangerous moment, a brilliant goal, victory chants, etc. To participate in the competition, it was enough to fulfill three simple conditions: make a creative video with the team and place it in the Instagram # vmikaysyavgru and #puma. The jury of Football.ua and Puma chose the best videos, the author and team of which received the main prize - a set of nominal forms and Puma boots!

50 000 - unique users
65 000 - page views

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Askaneli Brothers "Discovering Georgia"
01.11.18 - 30.12.18
The Discover Georgia project is a unique guide that includes not only tourist destinations with instructions and lifehacks, but also tells about the main features of each region of Georgia, revealing the secrets of their cuisine and drinks, gives hints about most interesting routes: where to go for bright impressions. The project introduced a test of knowledge of Georgia and conducted a drawing of vouchers for two for a weekend in Georgia.

52 000 - unique visitors
105 000 - page views
4500 - test participants

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Mazda "Suburbs of Kyiv"
30.10.17 - current time
Project about the nearest suburbs of Kyiv. The goal of the project is to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of life in the suburbs by submitting information about the history of the suburb, its infrastructure, transportation - options for getting from the suburb to Kyiv and back, an overview of real estate options to users. In addition to texts, video material were prepared with an overview of the most interesting and iconic places of the suburbs.

120 000 - unique users/month
205 000 - page views/month

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Gerber "Traveling with a child: lifehacks from celebrities"
Plenty of young parents refuse themselves to travel just because they are afraid to take the baby with them. tochka.net together with TM Gerber® created an inspiring special project, where Marina Karpiy, Kristina Reshetnik, Alexander Skichko and Andrey Shabanov share their lifehacks, which will help to make the trip with your child comfortable and unforgettable. Do not be afraid to discover the world with your baby!

70 000 - unique users
87 000 - page views

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You are mistaken if you think fгслгзы are about failures. Today - is about honesty, ripped jeans and 2000 UAH weekly! Within the project, a draw was held - participants on their Instagram page told about their financial difficulties. The project was supported by MoneyVeo brand ambassadors.

60 000 - unique users
70 000 - page views

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Walker "Shoe Guide"
19.10.2018 – 06.12.2018
A special project in which we, together with the MD-Fashion brand, walked through the history of iconic shoes.

50 000 - unique users
60 000 - page views

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Bourjois "Mother's Day"
11.05.2018 – 10.06.2018
Mom - is not just a woman who gave us a life. She helped to learn it and overcome all its' difficulties.
On Mother's Day, we decided to conduct a series of interviews with celebrities at tochka.net to learn about their carefree childhood and the complexities of adolescence. Our guests and their mothers not only answered questions, but also shared their secrets of raising children.

22 000 - unique visitors
37 000 - page views

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Toyota "Self-portrait"
24.10.2018 – 25.11.2018
The test was developed in which visitors determined which car from the model range suits him or her. Prizes were raffled off among the test participants.

10 000 - unique users
13 000 - page views

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UFD "Deadpool"
07.05.18 - 28.05.18
The aim of the project is to establish an order in the city by means of fights with problems that exist, and to tell you about the new movie. The project introduced a competitive mechanics in which you can share the work of the hero in Facebook and get the opportunity to win presents and movie tickets. The uniqueness of the project - information was presented directly from the hero of the movie as a first-person.

41 000 - unique users
48 000 - page views

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TM Spelaya "Your perfect party"
29.10.18 - 17.12.19
What could be better than a party with the best girlfriends? We've offered tochka.net readers to take a test to find out which party format would suit them. The project was implemented with competitive mechanics with prizes from its partner TM Spelaya

130 000 - уunique users
170 000 - page views
700 - test participants

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