Gemini Virtual Production
Real time animation

Mouthwatering Approach
to Tabletop Production
• A
Atabletop approach
you can dunk on.
Twist, dunk or eat it in one mouthful—there are several ways to enjoy an Oreo, milk's favorite cookie. With so many preferences and Oreo fans around the world, Mondelēz needed a way to whet the appetites of consumers everywhere with mouthwatering, locally relevant creative captured at scale.
120 000
уникальных пользователей/месяц
205 000
просмотров страниц/месяц
Our customers work at a
pace that demands innovation,
collaboration and iteration—all at
high quality. [Media.Monks] share
this vision, and I'm honored to
invite them to the Epic MegaGrant
community as they work to
reinvent production processes
with Unreal Engine.
In partnership with
      Enterprise Licensing Lead, Unreal Engine (Americas)
      John Buzzell
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